Convenient, high-quality healthcare in Oakleaf Plantation, FL, supports the long, happy life of your pet

Pets are members of our families. As such, and like you and your other (human) family members, they need and deserve high-quality healthcare. At Orange Park Animal Hospital at Oakleaf, we are privileged to provide the level of care that your pet needs to stay well and happy for life. We also build more time into your schedule to play and otherwise engage with your pet; we are conveniently located in Oakleaf Plantation. So clients in and around Orange Park and NAS Jacksonville can spend less time on the road and more time doing the things they love to do with their dogs or cats. 

Since we are so conveniently situated, your pet can get the critical or emergency care they need most when minutes matter. You are also more likely to maintain the essential wellness exams, vaccinations, and other preventives for your pet when you have easy and hassle-free access to a veterinarian. 

Comprehensive services, diverse expertise

We offer numerous capabilities in-house, including advanced diagnostics and lab work. Additionally, our team has extensive expertise in a wide range of areas that support your dog or cat’s sustained health and well-being. For instance, our primary veterinarian, Dr. James Gillen, has developed a particular interest in dermatology. These conditions can cause your pet to feel uncomfortable in his or her skin. They can also reflect underlying conditions or even lead to serious systemic problems (such as kidney or liver damage). Our team boasts additional special interests in areas ranging from nutritional counseling to dentistry. 

Not unlike your check-up at the family physician’s office, “check-ups” at our hospital represent the foundation on which your pet’s exceptional health and quality of life are built upon. Our exams primarily evolve with your pet as they get older and with changing health needs. During these regular visits, we make recommendations that are tailored to your pet. Some suggestions are nearly “universal,” meaning that they are good practices to live by regardless of your pet’s age, breed, or other risk factors for diseases:

  • Twice-yearly comprehensive exams to detect problems early when they are easiest to successfully and non-traumatically resolve 
  • Your vet suggests oral exams and cleanings at routine intervals; as with humans, periodontal disease can produce systemic inflammation and damage that threatens your pet’s health
  • Up-to-date vaccinations 
  • Parasite prevention products and prompt parasite management 
  • Safe and non-invasive microchipping, which supports a happy reunion if your pet gets loose and you can’t find him otherwise
  • Neutering and spaying
  • Quality nutrition supports the healthy function of the joints, kidneys, heart, and other organs, promoting a healthy weight.
  • Grooming that prevents health complications from overgrown nails or matted fur, we’ve made this process easy by offering convenient, in-house services!

Additionally, our hospital has lifted cost barriers to your pet getting the care that they need. We offer wellness programs for puppies and kittens, and adult cats and dogs. These plans partly cover “must-have” services such as preventive exams, core vaccinations, and parasite screenings. 

The above is just a glimpse into all that we have to offer for your pet. We look forward to providing a complete picture to you in person. Contact us today to schedule your fur baby’s appointment.