Veterinary services in Oakleaf Plantation, FL that stand out from the rest of the “pack”

There are more than 400 practicing veterinarians in the Jacksonville, FL, area. So, at Orange Park Animal Hospital at Oakleaf, we appreciate that you have many options for vets to keep your pets happy and healthy. However, we are privileged to provide a convenient option for pet parents in and around Oakleaf Plantation, Orange Park, and NAS Jacksonville. Led by Dr. James Gillen, our practice knows that moments may matter when it comes to getting the prompt, quality care that your dog or cat deserves. 

We also distinguish from other practices, near and far, in our approach to veterinary services. First and foremost, we genuinely provide care. We focus on developing relationships with our furry patients and their parents (our clients). In turn, with a healthy routine of “well” visits that include exams, vaccinations, and preventives, we support the strongest bond between pet and parent. And, we also support a sustained quality of life, whereby preventable conditions are prevented, and manageable conditions are managed. 

We are happy to shed light on some of the ways that we stand out from the rest of the pack to provide personalized, caring guidance versus mere dollar-driven, impersonal services. Many of the below investments in training, techniques, and technologies allow us to maintain a comfortable, hassle-free, safe, and convenient experience for you and your pet. 

  • In-house diagnostics, onsite lab – We can provide an accurate and prompt evaluation of your pets’ symptoms or condition due to an array of onsite capabilities. These technologies include comprehensive blood testing, as well as ultrasound and digital x-rays that safely and non-invasively pinpoint the root causes of your dog’s or cat’s distress. 
  • Emergency and critical care – It is one thing to provide quality preventive and general veterinary care; it is quite another to have the experience, expertise, and technologies to offer an urgent or critical resolution of acute or traumatic conditions. You can trust that our team has the capacity and capability to quickly and effectively treat your pet in the event of the worst. That is due partly to our extensive experience in critical care and our extended hours and skills to accommodate and prioritize urgent cases. 
  • Diverse special interests to support whole health – Dr. Gillen has developed special interests in areas such as dermatology, including canine atopic dermatitis (eczema). That is important because skin conditions can damage a pet’s quality of life and may promote (or indicate) systemic disease. Our team’s other special interests include dentistry, nutritional counseling, allergy testing, and management (i.e., immunotherapy).

From life-threatening bacterial and parasitic diseases to a pet getting loose, you can avoid many traumatic situations with our array of preventive services. These offerings include puppy and kitten, adult, and senior exams; spaying and neutering; microchipping; vaccinations; parasite testing and control; and grooming. 

We are pleased to provide this glimpse into our hospital and look forward to meeting you and your fur babies in person! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.