Emergency and critical care for pets provides peace of mind, responsive treatment in Oakleaf Plantation, FL

Few things are as upsetting as when our pets don’t act “normal,” refuse to eat or otherwise display behaviors that are “off.” You know your pet’s baseline. If you are concerned about any changes, we encourage you to contact Dr. James Gillen and the team at Orange Park Animal Hospital at Oakleaf right away for emergency and critical care that you can trust. We are conveniently located in Oakleaf Plantation, which allows us to respond quickly to clients and patients in Orange Park, NAS Jacksonville, and surrounding communities. 

These and many other unique features of our hospital provide peace of mind. Your fur baby is in excellent hands should the unexpected arise or chronic conditions throw you an unsettling curveball. Our clients appreciate: 

  • Our extended hours – We have the flexibility to prioritize patients and accommodate urgent situations. 
  • Great scheduling – We acknowledge that emergencies and accidents don’t keep “standard operating hours.” We are available during weekends, which also helps to minimize the costs associated with after-hours emergency care. 
  • Exceptional partnerships – We partner with some of the area’s leading 24-hour emergency and urgent care clinics. We even facilitate transfers between our hospital and area clinics. This arrangement allows your pup or kitty to get the continuity of care that he or she needs while also providing a warm, stress-free environment for your pet to rest and recover.
  • Sophisticated diagnostics – Advanced technologies allow us to get to the bottom of perplexing symptoms quickly. The sooner we learn the nature of your pup’s symptoms or behaviors, the faster we can get them on a course of therapy or medications to resolve the root cause. Many diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities are available in-house. There is no need to refer your pet to other practices! 
  • Care, not cost, is paramount – You deserve to enjoy many happy, healthy years with your pet. We never want financial barriers to stand in the way of the treatment that your pet desperately needs. So, we offer wellness plans that cover the cost of preventive services to support health. You can prevent many emergencies with our warm, relationship-based approach to wellness and prevention. These plans also offer generous discounts on critical care services. Also, ask about our military and rescue dogs discounts and CareCredit® flexible financing. 

With an emphasis on prevention, we encourage you to keep up with wellness visits, vaccinations, grooming and dental care, and preventive medications. Additionally, monitor for any symptoms, such as severe bleeding, chronic coughing, painful straining, severe vomiting, or inability to drink water, and signs of overheating (nausea, drooling, staggering). Do not delay contacting us with your concerns. Responsive, professional care is a phone call away.