Why treat when you can prevent it? The power of preventive care for pets in Oakleaf Plantation, FL

You can avoid pneumonia, seizures, urinary tract and respiratory infections, and a wide range of other life-altering or life-threatening conditions with preventive care at Orange Park Animal Hospital at Oakleaf. Our hospital is conveniently located in Oakleaf Plantation and serves clients and patients in Orange Park, NAS Jacksonville, and surrounding communities. This convenience only adds to the ease of your pets getting the ongoing care that they need to be happy, healthy, and thriving. 

Services designed to prevent conditions, rather than to react to them, include: 

  • Dental care – Deep cleaning removes the hardened plaque or tartar that inflames the gums and decays teeth. Oral disease interferes with the ability of your pet to eat comfortably and get the vital nutrients he or she needs. Our veterinarians take a particular interest in dentistry; by preventing problems like periodontal (gum) disease, your pet’s overall health is supported. Like people, pets with gum disease are more vulnerable to cardiovascular, respiratory, and other systemic conditions.
  • Grooming (for more than a pretty coat) – Services such as bathing, clipping, and nail trims keep your pet looking his or her shiny best. But, moreover, they’re essential to your pup’s or kitty’s overall comfort and health. They support a healthy gait and skin health. Expressing your dog’s anal glands also helps prevent the build-up of secretions that impact these sacs and can lead to painful infections. 
  • “Well” visits – Each visit is unique to each pet; however, our veterinarians will generally evaluate your feline or canine’s overall condition. They will look for potential problems like inflammation, earwax build-up, and joint and muscle tissue problems. We offer a range of in-house, sophisticated diagnostics and lab testing. So, we can quickly and accurately detect abnormalities in blood work or related to parasites and other threats to your pet’s health and well-being—accurate, prompt diagnosis aids in the effective, fast, and lasting resolution of symptoms and conditions.
  • Vaccinate for long, healthy life – Many of the severe medical conditions that hamper your pet’s quality of life are associated with harmful, disease-causing organisms. By getting your pet on a schedule of vaccinations, we can protect against these pathogens and boost your buddy’s immune system. Canine parvovirus and hepatitis, and feline distemper and calicivirus, are among the “core vaccines” scheduled at intervals based on factors such as pet’s age, lifestyle, and environmental and lifestyle exposures.
  • Spaying, neutering – We consider these treatments a fundamental aspect of responsible pet ownership and public service for our communities. In addition to managing overpopulation, straightforward surgical intervention reduces your dog’s or cat’s risk of developing life-threatening cancers or infections. They also re-establish a healthy bond between you and your pet and your pet and other animals in your household by eliminating frustrating, aggressive mating behaviors.
  • Microchipping – Should the unthinkable happen, there is peace of mind that you and your pet will be reunited via this noninvasive, electronic identification service. While collars can break or tags can be damaged, microchipped pets that are registered present a reliable way for your pet to be traced back to you. 

From quality nutrition that evolves with your pet to grooming that detects potential abnormalities and minimizes inflammation, prevention spans many different services at Orange Park Animal Hospital at Oakleaf. When you call us to schedule your appointment, be sure to ask about our in-house wellness plans. We have many options available, and they all cover preventive treatments and offer generous discounts on other services that your pup or cat may need.