Orange Park Animal Hospital at Oakleaf offers you a choice of Wellness Plans for Puppies – Basic or Premium.

Initial Comprehensive Exam:
At the first visit, an initial Comprehensive Exam will be performed by our Veterinarian. This exam will be carried out from tip of nose to tip of tail and will reveal the important basic information on the health of your puppy.
All core vaccinations recommended by the AAHA/AVMA include Distemper/Parvo (4x), Bordetella (2x), Leptospirosis (2x) and Rabies (1x)
Parasite Screening and Deworming:
This includes Fecal exam (2x) and Deworming (3x)
Ovariohysterectomy (Spay) or Castration (Neuter):
Our Wellness Package includes premedication, induction, IV catheter placement, pre- anesthetic blood work, General Anesthesia, Blood Pressure Pulse Oximeter, monitoring with ECG, and post-surgery recovery care.
Screening for Heartworm Disease:
This includes a blood test to screen for Heartworm disease (1x)
Comprehensive Exam:
Another comprehensive exam is performed when your pet reaches adulthood. Advice on nutrition, teeth cleaning and behavior is also included.
Unlimited Free Office Visits:
The Wellness Package includes unlimited free visits to cover any concerns you have on your puppy’s health. Call us to make an appointment with your veterinarian for a checkup.
We offer a discount on any other medical services that your puppy needs and which are not included in our wellness plan, such as Pawdicure (nail trim) and anal gland expression.

Please read Puppy Wellness Care Plan Maintenance Agreement for full details, including the cancellation policy.